About Our School


Our Christian Values

We would like to thank all of our parents, staff and children for their involvement in helping us to develop our new school values (March 2018). We are delighted to let you know that the three that have been chosen are: Compassion, Responsibility and Courage We will be introducing these to the children over the next few weeks to ensure they understand their meaning and relevance to their school life. The children will work with us to develop an explanation of what each value looks like, along with a drawing or symbol to represent it. When these are complete you will find them here.

We ensure that:

  • We recognise and value everyone as individuals
  • We foster independence
  • We provide opportunities for 'irresistible learning'
  • We provide purposeful learning opportunities rooted in first hand experience
  • We facilitate the cultural development of all children
  • Our curriculum meets the needs of all children
  • For us, there is no ceiling on a child's achievement