Learning at home

Contacting teachers for home learning support during school closures

If you need home learning support, please email office@horsford.norfolk.sch.uk putting FAO: Class teacher’s name in the subject line and it will be forwarded on the relevant member of staff.

Below are the names of our teachers and their respective year groups. 


Heads of School

Holt Road - Miss Owen - headofschoolholtroad@horsford.norfolk.sch.uk

Mill Lane - Mrs Kirton - headofschoolmilllane@horsford.norfolk.sch.uk

Years 6

Ms McMurray - hmcmurray37rb@nsix.org.uk

Miss Blyth - sblyth2nr4@nsix.org.uk   

Years 5

Miss Smith - vsmith68r3@nsix.org.uk

Mrs Nadin - snadin4qra@nsix.org.uk

Years 3 & 4

Mr Patient - tpatient8nrv@nsix.org.uk 

Mrs Pratt - cpratt5trq@nsix.org.uk

Mrs James - cjames5qrw@nsix.org.uk 

Mr Siddy - office@horsford.norfolk.sch.uk

Mrs Linford - tlinford63rd@nsix.org.uk

Years 1 & 2

Miss McIntyre - cmcintyre7sra@nsix.org.uk 

Miss Allan - lallan9wrg@nsix.org.uk

Mr Allen - tallen2dr9@nsix.org.uk


Mr Neave - rneave74r6@nsix.org.uk

Miss Thurston - lthurston5nrh@nsix.org.uk