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Horsford C.E. V.A. Primary School Link magazine

Having been inspired by our colleagues over at Drayton Junior School, I am delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new, digital-only ‘School Link’ magazine!

Let’s all try to virtually link-together to celebrate the wonderful writers, artists, comedians, critics, experts, photographers, poets and story-tellers that we have within our school community of both children and grown-ups.


How can you get involved?

• Do you have a favourite author, sports star, super-hero or historical figure that you could create an article about?

• ‘Humorous Horsford’ – have you got a favourite joke that we could include to give everyone a chuckle?

• Could you share a review of a book you have read recently, some music you have listened to, a game you have played, or perhaps a film or television programme you have enjoyed watching? Let us know where others might find it, too!

• As a Church of England school, we would love to share any prayers you might like to write with our community and with Reverend Margaret to be used at the church.

• Maybe you are a gymnast, a knitter, a stamp collector, have an interesting (or cute) pet at home, or some other hobby or interest you enjoy? We would love to find out more, write us a feature to share with everyone!

• Are you an expert on dinosaurs, trains, birds or something else? Send in your most interesting facts for us to share!

• Do you have a great recipe for a tasty treat or a healthy snack? We would all love to give them a go, write down the instructions so we can give it a try, too.

• Do you know how to make something crafty? Share a how-to guide with us!

• Could you write us a story or poem for others to read?

• Perhaps you are a keen photographer, model-maker or artist, we would love to see drawings or pictures of your creations!

• Is there someone in your family or the community that is a bit of a ‘Horsford Hero’ to you? Let us know who and why, so that we can celebrate them!

• Is there something else you could create for us – all submissions welcome!

• Grown-ups… you are more than welcome to contribute, too!

Things to consider:

• Please don’t copy from books or magazines, write your articles etc yourself – you can have help from other family members if you need it, though.

• Please type up your articles and email them over (see below). Photos/scans of drawings/posters/fact files can also be emailed.

• Please send artwork as a scan or a photograph.

• Please get permission of everyone in a photograph before you share it.

• You are welcome to create as many contributions as you like.

Please email all your articles and features to me at:

Please just send the text and/or images and I will take care of the rest.

I am really excited about this project and hope you will want to take part. With your support it can become a regular opportunity to keep in touch and perhaps learn a little more about each other, too.

Best wishes,
Mr Neave and the entire Horsford C.E. V.A. Primary School team

A huge thank you to Mr Silvester from Drayton Junior School for sharing this wonderful idea with us, in order for us all to stay connected at this challenging time.