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How Hill


Good evening everyone. 

I have had the following message from Mr Patient... We have had an excellent first day at How Hill. We have been looking at different habitats and dyke dipping. After the evening meal the children enjoyed time playing in the gardens before a bed-time story. They are now getting off to sleep.

Mr Patient hopes to send some photos later, if so I will upload them to this post in the morning.

Any further updates from How Hill I will add to this post.

Good night,

Mrs Palmer


Good morning.

Here are some of the photos from Mr Patient yesterday. Looks like a lovely day. They are now all enjoying breakfast and getting ready for a sunny day today.

IMG 2742IMG 2737IMG 2736IMG 2733IMG 2731IMG 2730IMG 2729IMG 2728IMG 2727IMG 2726IMG 2719IMG 2715IMG 2713

Good evening. The children have enjoyed their day at How Hill, with the boat trip and clay animal modelling being the highlights. After tea the children could spend their money in the shop and then enjoyed a play in the garden. One more sleep!

IMG 2776IMG 2780