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How Hill Part 2

What a busy day we've had! We started the day visiting a Wherry boat on the broads. Did you know it is one of only eight Wherry boats left in the world? We then had a chance to do some sketching of it before we went to the outdoor classroom to make some clay animals. This afternoon we went on a boat trip on the broads. Ethan told the rest of the group it was IMG 2108IMG 2080IMG 2066the most fun thing to do! We learnt about how the broads were made around 600 years ago. We also had a go at making a thatched roof this afternoon. We are now weaving, reading and generally having a bit of quiet time before dinner and some fun in the garden.

I will try and add some photos again, turns out it is rather tricky on the iPad! All the children are well and having a lovely time. One more sleep!

Miss Anderson :-)


IMG 2067IMG 2056IMG 2053