About Our School


Teaching Staff 

Mrs Ashley Best-White - Executive Head Teacher
Miss Kirsty Anatola - Executive Deputy Head Teacher 
Mrs Tanya Kirton - Head of School at Mill Lane

Miss Tracy Anderson – Head of School at Holt Road

Miss Jenny Starling - Senior Teacher and Years Five/Six

Miss Shayney Blyth - Years Five/Six

Mr Dean Armstrong - Years Five/Six

Mr Tim Patient - Senior Teacher and Years Three/Four

Miss Rebecca Chenery - Years Three/Four

Mrs Carin Pratt - Years Three/Four

Miss Charlotte Gooda - Years Three/Four

Mrs Sarah Lenton - Year Two

Miss Clare McIntyre - Years One/Two
Miss Holly Gilbert - Year One
Miss Lindsay Thurston - Senior teacher and Reception
Mr Robert Neave – Reception
Mrs Harriet Fuller - Years One/Two


Support Staff

Mrs Elizabeth Clarke - School Support Manager
Mrs Sharon Richardson - School Secretary
Mrs Mandy Robson - Norse Catering Team Manager

Mrs Emma Sylvester - Norse Catering Team
Mrs Fiona Laskey - Norse Catering Team
Mrs Jessica Smith - Norse Catering Team
Mrs Nikki Barnard - Norse Catering Team
Mrs Jayne Cooke - Norse Catering Team
Mrs Jeanette Newson – Norse Catering Team

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Ali Cooke - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Carole Daynes - Cover Supervisor

Mrs Rachael Nolan - Cover Supervisor

Mrs Michelle Barrett

Mrs Lisa Billig

Mrs Marion Parker

Mrs Rachel Watts
Mrs Leisa Westlake

Mrs Catherine Peck

Mrs Helen Mortar
Mrs Lucy Genc
Mrs Christy Gulley 
Miss Debbie Taylor
Miss Joanna Knowles
Mrs Maria Potter
Miss Laura Brown
Miss Katy Rumble

Midday Supervisors

Mrs June Jessett – Supervisor

Mrs Michelle Hales

Mr Martin De’Ath

Mrs Anni Cranston

Mrs Lisa Chan

Mrs Nichola Watt

Mrs Tracey Matthewson

Mrs Elaine Middleton

Mrs Rachel Norman

Mrs Deborah Slaughter

Mrs Emma Riches 

Ancillary Staff

Geoffrey Botwright - Caretaker 

Cheryl Waller - Cleaner

Rose-Marie Farenden - Cleaner

Karen Tooke - Cleaner

Eloise Dix - Cleaner