About Our School


Teaching Staff 

Mrs. Best-White - Executive Head Teacher
Miss Anatola - Executive Deputy for EYFS and Head of School at Holt Road
Mrs. Kirton - Head of School at Mill Lane

Mrs. Pratt - SENDCO, Senior Teacher

Miss Blyth - Teaching & Learning Lead and Year Six

Mr. Gribble - Year Six

Miss Vickery - Year Five

Mr. Avery - Year Five

Mr. Patient - Teaching and Learning Lead and Year Four

Miss Lees - Year Four

Miss Smith - Year Three

Miss Amos - Year Three

Miss Chapman - Year Two

Miss Betts - Year Two

Miss McIntyre - Year One

Miss Allan - Year One

Miss Thurston - Senior Teacher and Reception

Mr. Neave – Reception

Support Staff

Mrs. Westlake - School Secretary
Mrs. Richardson - School Secretary

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Cooke – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Watts – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Ackerman

Miss Arnup

Ms. Ashton

Mrs. Barrett

Miss Baxter (maternity leave)

Mrs. Billig

Mrs. Crabtree

Miss Dare

Mr. Ellison

Mrs. Gannon

Mrs. Gulley - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Hartle

Miss Manley

Mrs. Begg

Miss Marshall

Mrs. Potter

Mrs. Silvester

Mrs. Spaul

Mrs. Tassell

Miss Taylor

Mrs. Ward

Midday Supervisors

Holt Road

Mrs. Hales

Mrs. Jessett

Mrs. Slaughter

Miss Taylor


Mill Lane

Mrs. Hales

Ms. Waller

Mr. Edwards

Mrs. Cornish


Pastoral Staff

Ms. Natalie Brown - Pastoral Manager

Miss Alice Stackwood - Pastoral support worker

Ms. Becky Heron - Pastoral support worker 

Ms. Claire Burner - Pastoral support worker

Ancillary Staff

Mr. Steve Newell - Caretaker 

Miss Eloise Dix - Cleaner

Ms. Cheryl Waller - Cleaner

Mrs. Michelle Hales

Mrs. Rachel Norman

Mr. Kai Edwards

Mrs. Jayne Cooke

Mrs. Jean Higgs

Mr. Aiden Higgs