About Our School

Whole School Policies

Should you require paper copies of any documents/policies form our website, please contact the school office.

Admissions Policy

Attendance Policy - Whole School Attendance Letter - September 2023

Behaviour Policy 

      - Anti-Bullying Policy

      - Anti-Racist Policy

      Nebula Exclusion Policy

Data Protection Policy 

      - Freedom of Information Policy

ECT Policy

Finance Policy

      - Charging and Remission Policy

      - Handling Money Policy

First Aid Policy

       - Administration of medicines policy

       - Drugs and substance misuse Policy

       - Supporting Pupils at school with Medical Conditions Policy

       - Intimate Care Policy

School Uniform Policy

Single Equality Scheme

     - Accessibility Plan

Parent Policies

Complaints Policy Appendix to the Complaints Policy (RSHE)

E-safety and computing code of conduct - parents/carers

E-safety and computing code of conduct - pupils - responsible computer use agreement

Parental Behaviour Policy

Mobile phone policy

Social Media Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers Policy

Zero Tolerance Dealing with aggressive parents and visitors policy

Curriculum Policies

Calculation Policy Appendix 1 - EYFS, Appendix 2 - Addition and subtraction, Appendix 3 - Multiplication and division

Collective Worship Policy

E-safety Policy 

Foundation Stage Policy

RE (Religious Education) Policy

RSHE (Relationships, Health and Sex Education) Policy and Appendix to SRE Policy

SEND Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy - Marking & Feedback Policy


Safeguarding Policies

Please follow this link to our child protection section of the website.